Flat face coupling HCP series

3/8" - 1"

  • Model: Flat face HCP
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Make: Holmbury


Holmbury APM Series Male Couplings will
connect, by hand, with pressures up to 350 bar
locked in the male half, without releasing any
fluid to the environment. The hose line to the
female will need to be at zero pressure.
Conforms to ISO 16028 connection sizes. They
will connect with Holmbury H and HQ Series,
Premier FIRG and Premier Plus A Series couplings.
APM 9 connects with H10 & HQ10 couplings.
APM 13 connects with H12 & HQ12 couplings.
APM 15 connects with Premier Plus A15 couplings.
APM 17 connects with H19 & HQ19 couplings.
ISO 16028
APM Series Male Couplings are dimensionally
compliant with ISO 16028 and will therefore
connect with female couplings that also comply

dimensionally with this standard. Please note
APM Male couplings do not comply with the
1,000,000 impulse cycle requirement as introduced
by the 2006 amendment to the standard.  
Mobile plant and attachments where exposure to
the sun causes pressure to develop due to
thermal expansion of trapped fluid. Any plant,
mobile or industrial, where static pressure can
get locked into the system.
 Connects under high pressure, by hand.
 Flat faces can easily be wiped clean before
connection to prevent the ingress of
contaminants into the circuit.
 No air intrusion during connection.
 Clean disconnection - non-spill design.

 Locking sleeve helps prevent accidental
 Coupling can rotate whilst connected

Bi-directional flow


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