RC-920 Rig-mounted Compactor Plate 9-20 tonnes

  • Shipping Weight: 880kgs
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Make: Chicago Pneumatic


With high performance and low downtime, RC Hydraulic Compactors help you complete the job efficiently

and effectively.

High Performance

The high compaction frequency combined with the high vibrating force make quick work of most jobs, including slope compaction.

Less Maintenance

The oil bath around the shaft bearing ensures continuous greasing, while the AutoLube system eliminates the need

for regular manual greasing.

Quieter and Safer

RC Hydraulic Compactors produce less noise than handheld forward and reversible plates, and safety is increased

because the operator is away from the work area.

Fits on Every Carrier

Six models are available for carriers from 1 to 40 tons, and easily attach with a standard or quick-change adapter.


There is no limitation of back pressure in the return line. And the use of solid rubber isolators provides excellent shock

dampening of return vibrations.

Job Applications

• Slope compaction

• Trench compaction

• Road repair

• Side development

• Waste compaction

• Piling

For all technical information, please see the attached document that can be found in 'More Information'

Carrier Weight Class1 t (lb)  9 – 20 (19,800 – 44,000)

Service Weight2 kg (lb)  880 (1,940)

Weight Without Adapter kg (lb)  726 (1,600)

Length mm (in)  1,178 (46.38)

Width mm (in)  710 (27.95)

Height mm (in)  764 (30.08)

Baseplate Size (W x L) mm (in)  710 x 1,178 (27.95 x 46.38)

Plate Coverage m2 (in2)  0.63 (976.50)

Vibrating Force t (lbf) 7.3 (16,094)

Vibrating Frequency n/min 2,200

Operating Pressure bar (psi) 150 (2,176)

Oil Flow l/min (US gal/min)  114 (30)

Motor Oil Quantity (in rotor housing) l (US gal)  3.7 (0.98)

Sound Pressure Level (measured r = 10 m) dB(A) 66

Sound Power Level (guaranteed)3 dB(A) 106

Port Connectors (type: male thread) JIC 12, 1-1/16" UNF

Minimum Inside Diameter of Hoses and Pipes mm (in)  20 (0.79)

Pipework Diameter and Wall Thickness mm (in) 25 x 2.5 (0.98 x 0.01)

Hole Pattern – Adapter4 RX 11, RX 14

Part number 1826 1017 55

1 Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variations must be agreed with Chicago Pneumatic and/or the carrier manufacturer prior to attachment.

2 Compactor with medium-sized adapter plate. Please note that the service weight can be considerably higher, depending on the adapter plate.

3 EN ISO 3744 in accordance with Directive 2000/14/EC.

4 RC Hydraulic Compactors come with the same hole patterns as the corresponding RX Hydraulic Breakers.



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