Flat face anti ploution HQ series

1/4" - 1.1/4"

  • Model: flat face HQ
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Make: Holmbury


HQ Series couplings are designed for use in excavator
hammer circuits and other applications involving high
pressure pulses. Construction plant, mobile equipment,
general industrial, nuclear, mining and agricultural.
H Series couplings are suitable for similar applications to
those listed above provided the duty cycle is less demanding
and the environment less aggressive.
Both HQ and H Series couplings are suitable for applications
involving dusty or dirty environments and where oil loss on
disconnection cannot be tolerated.

- Flat mating faces are easily wiped clean to prevent the
  ingress of contaminants.
- Improved flow path minimises the pressure drop.
- Non-spill design avoids fluid loss during connection and
- No air intrusion during connection.
- Locking sleeve prevents accidental disconnection.
- Zinc nickel surface treatment eliminates chrome 6 and
  exceeds 200 hour salt spray tests to white rust.

HQ Series conform to ISO 16028 (2006) in all respects, i.e.
dimensions and performance.

Carbon steel body, treated to increase hardness and
corrosion resistance, nitrile seals. H Series couplings are
Trivalent plated.

Connection with residual pressure in the line will be difficult
or impossible. For applications where connection under
pressure is required, Holmbury HCP male couplings, or screw
couplings from either the HSC,  HS or RS ranges are
Disconnection of any quick disconnect / quick release
coupling whilst under full system pressure can be very
dangerous and should not be attempted.


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