SARL Maxima

Flat face coupling HP series

720 bar

  • Model: Flat face HP
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Make: Holmbury


High pressure, high flow , Flat faced couplings


HP Series couplings have been designed for use in
systems working at pressures up to 720 bar. There
are two basic sizes, the A5HP and A9HP.
One of the most important benefits of these couplings
is ‘no fluid spillage on disconnection’.
The high flow ratings of these couplings make them
ideal for use with high pressure motorised power
units, particularly when low pressure loss is

High pressure plant and equipment operating on
mineral oil. Rail industries, torque wrenches and bolt

HP Series couplings incorporate a unique safety
feature to prevent accidental disconnection - a spring
loaded locking sleeve. When the coupling halves are

connected, the locking sleeve automatically rotates
through 90°. To disconnect the coupling the locking
sleeve is turned back 90° so the locking ball is
aligned with the release notch. The sleeve is then
pulled back and the coupling will disconnect.


 Flat faces can easily be wiped clean before
connection to prevent the ingress of contaminants
into the circuit.
 Clean disconnection - non-spill design.
 No air intrusion during connection.
 Streamlined flow path minimises pressure drop.
 Locking sleeve prevents accidental disconnection.

 Bi-directional flow

Zinc plated carbon steel body with a 302 stainless
steel spring. Nitrile rubber and Teflon seals.


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