QC55 H 7-11 tonnes

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Thanks to their superior safety features, durability and low maintenance, Geith couplers are among the very best in the industry.

The QC55 H hydraulic coupler is designed for use on excavators from 7 to 11 tonne in weight and expands the range of Geith hydraulic couplers to cover excavators from 2 to 90 tonne.

These fully automatic couplers ensure a safe changeover of attachments without the need for the operator to leave the excavator cab. A patented multi pin locking system ensures that the coupler retains the attachment in a safe position even if there is a loss of power or breakdown of the hydraulic system.

Clearly visible from the cab, the front safety lock is activated by a powerful spring and hydraulic cylinder. This design offers a clear advantage over gravity systems, which is especially important when working in very difficult and dirty environments, the Geith couplers never get stuck.

As safety is a core value at Geith, the company is participating in the ISO Working Group aiming to create a new International Quick Coupler Standard, which is scheduled for publication in 2013. Geith has ensured that all its couplers comply fully with all current national standards and safety regulations, and will continue to do so in the future.

The focus on safety has led to increased complexity in some coupler systems, compromising on reliability and performance. By contrast, Geith has continued to focus on developing the simplest, most reliable and safest couplers with few moving parts and no grease points so there is a limited need for maintenance.

For technical information please see the spec sheet that can be found in 'More Information'

All Geith hitches can be provided with or without the hydraulic fitting kit, pins and the lifting hook.  Please ask one a member of our Sales Team for more information.


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