Klac System Model C Hydraulic

1,0 - 2,0 tonnes

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as simple As simple as the mechanical one !
  The simplicity and efficiency of the Klac system mechanical coupler is now available in an hydraulic version starting from 2 t machines.
Key features of the Klac system hydraulic :
change your bucket without getting out of the cabin,
mechanical and automatic locking, manual unlocking remains possible if needed (you will never suffer of an hydraulic failure),
a simple effect hydraulic line for unlocking,
Klac system hydraulic remains very compact, following the original manufacturer's geometry,
double safety and compliance with EC standards,
cast steel parts guaranteeing longevity and ruggedness,
patented product,
and always 2 years guarantee.
2 contacts reinforce the contact pressure between the shaft and its housing.
The lock trigger is automatically. Its position is visible from the cab, in conformity with the EC standards.
The bevelled bearing surfaces of the top plate prevent any side play and constantly lock and center the quick coupler.
The shoe has a threefold function :
- tripping the locking of the plate,
- locking the system permanently,
- ensuring a safety locking if the locking is not complete.
(aproximative weight)
Width Weight of mechanical coupler* Weight of hydraulic coupler* Weight of the top plate
Model C (1 to 2 t) 200 mm 14 kg ND 5 kg
Model D (2 to 3,5 t) 230 mm 24 kg 26 kg 9 kg
Model E (3,5 to 5,5 t) 270 mm 43 kg 45 kg 14 kg
Model F (5,5 to 9 t) 310 mm 72 kg 75 kg 24 kg
* According to the machine        
Connecting a hydraulic system to a quick hitch is often difficult :
the hoses tend to snag or foul as the bucket is rotated,
there is often very little room for the hoses to be installed,
l'implantation est délicate, surtout dans la partie inférieure du balancier
Before Klac protect : hydraulic hoses were a problem !




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