Used Hydraulic Hammers

SARL Maxima are hydraulic experts specialising in hydraulic hammers. We boast one of France's largest stock of hammers from micro digger to 40 tonne excavator.

Before sale, ALL of our hammers are opened, thoroughly inspected and parts are tolerance checked. Worn parts are replaced with new and seals are changed as standard.  Hammers are re-sealed and re-gassed before sale and are sold ready for work with a guarantee.

With our sound product knowledge, we offer excellent after purchase support and ensure that all parts are available for the hammers we sell.

Please be aware that there are a few companies in France selling hammers as 'serviced' (sometimes this can mean re-painted with a new steel) - please check before you buy! If you need any advice, please ask.

Montabert V3500

Montabert V3500 - Porteur 35 - 60 tonnes

€40,000.00 (+TVA)€48,000.00 (inc)
Montabert V55

Montabert V55 - Porteur 35 - 50 tonnes

€50,000.00 (+TVA)€60,000.00 (inc)
Montabert V65

Montabert V65 - Porteur 50 - 80 tonnes

€90,000.00 (+TVA)€108,000.00 (inc)