Hydraulic hammer tools Point, Chisel, Flat

We are pleased to supply two ranges of hammer steels.  Our 'Heavy Duty' range is ideal for customers with heavy use such as quarries or customers who work day in day out with their hammer.  Our 'Classic' range provides an excellent quality tool for the price and is ideal for construction companies, foundries etc.

Both of our ranges have a life time warranty against manufacturing faults.

'Heavy Duty' range: leaders in design and manufacture of tools for hydraulic breakers. All of our breaker tools are guaranteed FOR LIFE against manufacturing faults. Our hammer tools are made to a very high quality ensuring the reliability and longevity of your steel.

Our tools are made in Europe where the factory specialises in the design and manufacture of hydraulic hammers tools and post hole drivers for all brands; including tailor made tools.

With over 25 years of industry experience, global recognition and the ISO 9001:2008 certification, guaranteed the high quality of our products: versatile tools, multipurpose character, able to withstand and resist any type of work in all kinds of materials or soils.

With a permanent stock of over 5000 units we can nearly always find your steel on immediate delivery basis.

Our ‘Classic’ range of breaker tools are manufactured under a strict process control.

They are manufactured using the most advanced equipment and automated systems available.

All of our tools are treated using a heat treatment technology with the very latest methods.  Rigorous inspection programs throughout the manufacturing and heat treatment processes ensure the quality of the tools is uniform.

Our tools perform in the toughest conditions.

Our tools are available in a number of formats: