Get the best and Safest Coupler on the market today.

With Geith's long standing tradition Geith Couplers are accepted worldwide as the benchmark for Safety, Adapability and Durability and comply with all European and National safety regulations.

  • Front & Rear Safety Lock
  • Safe Release Curl to Open
  • Lighter but Durable
  • Save 25% of Operational time
  • Low Maintainence




  • Front safety lock retains the attachment in case of misconnection.
  • The rear safety lock retains the attachment in a working position in the event of power loss.
  • Geith patented "curl to release" control system guarantees the attachment is only released in a safe position.
  • Powerful spring activated safety lock works in all dirty environments unlike gravity systems.





  • Our simple design has no greasing requirements,less maintenance and replacement parts which gurarantee you a hassle free coupler.
  • Manufactured using extra high strength steel to increase durability while optimizing weight to enhance excavator performance.






  • Variable pin centre design allows you to easily pick up and swap the widest range of OEM atttachments.
    • Ability to reverse buckets to allow the operator to excavate against walls and under pipes.
      • Mechanical couplers can easily be upgraded to Hydraulic.



      • a geith coupler can save you 25% of total machine operating time compared to direct mount.
      • Operator can change attachment from the comfort and security of their cab.
      • A more compact design means improved tip radius which increases breakout force.


      Aftersales & Parts


      • Full support of components
      • At Geith, we understand that easy servicing and maintaining couplers is important to our customers. Therefore, we focus on our design on making parts more accessible keeping maintenance time to a minimum.
      • We carry an extensive range of all coupler replacement parts and can ship overnight to minimize downtime.
      • We provide custom engineered hydraulic kits with step by step guide with all parts required making installation fast & easy.


      Using the Geith Coupler


      • 1: Hook the Bucket
      • 2: Curl to Position
      • 3: Front lock closes
      • 4 Engaging plate extends