HS08 Hydraulic

5,0 - 12,0 tonnes

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The Lehnoff Lehmatic system is a dedicated quick hitch which allows companies with more than one machine in certain weight catagories to share the same buckets and attachments.   The HS08 is the hydraulic version and suitable for all host machines between 5,0 - 12,0 tonnes.

The Lehnoff system is a compact and low-design which reduces breakout force losses to a minimum.   The hitch features a sealed lock mechanism for long life cycle and low maintenance requirements.

HS08 - hydraulically operated quickcoupler

  • Effortless, fast and safe lock function via pushbutton from the driver’s seat
  • Locking and Delocking with hydraulic pressure by double-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Safe lock position by means of the safety valve integrated in the hydraulic cylinder
  • Locking with visual indication by quickcoupler gage




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