Double Pin Cradle Mixer Hitch

The Double Pin Cradle Mixer hitch can be supplied in both loose and fixed pin versions to suit standard and quick hitch solutions on most excavators & backhoes. This hitch is suitable for all our drives from the Earth Drill X1500 to the Earth Drill 8000MAX.

The Double Pin Cradle Mixer hitch is very similar to our regular Cradle hitch, it will eliminate Auger swing during dirt shake off, will enable you to safely transport your Earth Drill and Auger on site, will also help you in lining up your holes with precision but in addition to this our unique design will enable you to use your Earth Drill to be used as a concrete mixer with use of our Mixing bowls.

No mechanical parts or dampers mean that even if your Earth Drill and hitch have a tough life ahead of them you will not have to worry about costly replacements or breakdowns. Just like all Auger Torque products only the highest grade steel is used in the fabrication of this style hitch.

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