Steel Track Groups and Chains:
We stock a comprehensive range of steel tracks & track groups for 1 to 65 Ton excavators

Tracks are manufactured to OEM standards using the most modern forging methods achieveing 
high durability and longevity.

A full advice service and guidance on conversion from rubber to steel or steel to rubber can be given.   
Please do not hesitate to call a memeber of our team.   

Bolt on Rubber Pads:
Specifically produced for environments where excavators are working against obstacles that could damage a clip on pad’s end clips.
A typical example is on railway work.

Clip on Rubber Pads:
These rubber pads are held onto the steel track by a clip on either end of the pad. The most flexible and economical way to convert steel tracked machines to rubber. Available for excavators from 2.5 to 22 tonnes, and at widths from 450 to 700mm.

Steel Track Groups complete with Bolt on Rubber Pads:
We also supply complete track groups with rubber pads ready bolted on. These are particularly popular with customers who need new tracks and want the robustness of steel but the flexibility of rubber

'City' Track Pads:
Rubber pads bolt directly onto the track chain on 4 to 8 tonne excavators. On smaller machines the pad bolts onto a mounting pad welded onto the track chain. The most economical alternative to rubber tracks to date!