180x72x40 ( pair )

  • Model: 180x72x40 (paire)
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  • Make: Vematrack / Maxitrax

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Maxitrax / Vematrack, the choice of professionals 

24 month guarantee

Continuous steel cables made of high tensile steel wires resistant to cutting and streching, allowing for even tension throughout the track

Unique steel core design improves rubber bonding.

Special coating on the steel cables improves corrosion resistance.

Even cable placement.

Greatly reduced vibration

Each track is manufactured to ensure maximum strength whilst giving smooth operation and excellent grip characteristics

Warning: Before ordering, please check the dimensions of your tracks.

Rubber tracks are referenced as follows:
(Track Width in mm) x (distance between two links in mm) x (number of links).

You should also take into account the width of the guide, " Wide gauge" or "Narrow gauge". This is the distance between the bottom of the raised guides, where the sprockets and rollers come into contact with the track. 25mm to 35mm for "narrow" and 40mm to 55mm for "Wide" this concept is  important because a roller 35mm wide will squeeze into a 30mm gauge for example but the track will be very hard to fit and result in a uneven and 'shakey' ride.

W (WIDE) = Wide gauge

N (NARROW) = Narrow gauge

K = Narrow gauge with taller links in order to avoid friction on the edge of the excavator. Normally for Kubota

V or Y =  Asymmetric track. Normally for a Yanmar.

For our guide to choosing your tracks, please see 'more information' or do not hesitate to call us.



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