Finance options

SARL Maxima is able to offer an express financing solution for businesses registered as farmers; Agilor.

Provided by The Credit Agricole, Agilor is an equipment finance solution with very attractive rates and a speedy response within 48 hours.

Equip your business!

Augers, grapples, post hole drivers and other new equipment or used. Agilor has over 200 equipment funding formulas, with or without a deposit, developed in close collaboration with manufacturers and distributors in the sector. It is an ideal guarantee to find a solution for all your equipment needs.

One contact, no action!

You have a single contact: SARL Maxima!  We will offer you the financing for your purchase and forward the application to your regional bank Crédit Agricole. You do not need to have an account with The Credit Agricole.

A response within 48 hours!

This is the general time in which you can expect a response. For your convenience, The Crédit Agricole has created a grace period of 1-21 months so that you have the option to adapt your cash fluctuations as and when you need to.